A year ago, on January 9 2010, Sudan365 launched a popular campaign with the ‚Beat for Peace’ video. Since then we have built momentum for the campaign, launching another film, ‚Keep the Promise,’ in September. This campaign has engaged over 200,000 people who have watched the video, signed up to petitions and engaged with our social media. Three prominent international public mobilisations, branded as ‚Global Days of Action,’ have taken place from Belfast to Bamako, Serbia to South Sudan. These events have ranged from rallies to panels, with most including a ‚Beat for Peace’ drumming session and Sudan365 branding.

The second recut of the video was adapted into personalised DVDs and delivered to prominent international leaders in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement guarantor states. The international community has notably increased their engagement in Sudan over the course of the campaign — however, to augment the progress made, they must continue to have a role in promoting the peaceful future of Sudan.

This third recut film is an effort to mark the culmination of 365 days of campaigning, coinciding with the scheduled start of referendum voting in Sudan. The film acknowledges the efforts of politicians and the public and asks them to sustain this focus on Sudan. It highlights that, regardless of the result of the referendum vote, much needs to be done to ensure violence is averted and that the developmental needs of Sudan are met. The film calls on Sudanese leaders to work towards a peaceful future.

The Sudan365 campaign will continue after the referendum, to remind the public and the international community that the referendum vote on January 9 2011 is not the end, but marks the beginning of a new challenge for Sudan.